Jean Davis

I have known and worked with Shari McAsey for many years, and we became very close friends. When she asked me to become a committee member for the Workers Memorial Fund, I felt very honored. After learning of the hardships of family members dealing with a death of a spouse and the financial help this funding brings, I didn't have to be asked twice. It is with much joy and love that I can serve on this board that gives financial support to families when they need it the most. I am retired after 26 years at the Ukiah Post Office, and serve as board member and Vice President of the Ukiah Civic Light Opera. I am a volunteer at Ukiah Valley Medical Center and through my church, also volunteer at the Buddy Eller Homeless Shelter

Toni Martin

I became a board member of the Workers Memorial Fund, after meeting Shari McAsey, and hearing her story of the loss of her husband. I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful organization. I have always had a passion for helping others, and wanted to help Shari fulfill her dream. I am a founder of Nuestra Casa, a family center, served 2 yrs as president, and have been a board member for 15 yrs. I also have worked for the Ukiah Unified School District for the past 30 years.

Shari McAsey

My name is Shari McAsey. The Workers’ Memorial Committee is the first I have ever served on. I have learned, very quickly, that to serve on a committee such as this you must feel a deep passion for the cause in which you are working for. Mine comes from the loss of my husband Bob who was killed at work in 1999. I realize now that to truly understand what people face in the sudden loss of a working spouse you must live it yourself. I was so ignorant of how profoundly paralyzed one becomes, both emotionally and physically when word hits you that there has been a horrible accident and how you remain in this state for many, many months to come. As in any painful challenge life brings, what you learn is immeasurable.
My eyes were left wide open and I wanted to ease some stress for others who receive a phone call such as I had by starting up a fund that would reach out to help in some small way. For all the sadness and the pain….there is nothing one can do to help. But by sending a check to help replace the paycheck that will not be coming in any longer might.

To honor my husband Bob and all workers’ killed on the job this fund was formed.

Terry Poplawski

I have been the president of my union local for over a decade as well as a delegate to the North Bay Central Labor Council. For years I had seen the ad on back of my national union magazine for Workers Memorial Day, urging union members to observe April 28, the anniversary of the signing of the law creating OSHA, to aid the attempt of the AFL-CIO to have a national holiday created to honor workers who have been killed, injured or permanently disabled on the job. After Bob McAsey, my coworker Shari's husband, was killed on the job, the next time I saw that ad, it finally clicked for me that this was an effort to become involved with. With the help of other union activist, I have been able to begin a tradition of holding a yearly observance of Workers Memorial Day in Ukiah.

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