About Workers Memorial Fund


We remember those we have lost with great fondness.

They gave much to the world; as individuals, family members, friends and work colleagues.

We remember their families in their enormous sadness.

For those who have died at work building a better place for he rest of us.

For those who have died while constructing our buildings and expressways, hospitals and schools.

For whose who have died young and innocent, victims of avoidable accidents,

May we learn from this loss, honor the memory of those lost,
and work towards a safer work place for all people.

Where the rights & dignity of all workers are upheld above all else.

by: Reverend Ian Lawton

The primary purpose of the Fund is to provide grants for the immediate needs of the families of workers who are killed on the job in Mendocino County or who are residents of Mendocino County and killed on a jobsite outside of the County. Beneficiaries will substantiate that they have a financial need for transitional assistance. For more information about us and other funds visit Community Foundation Of Mendocino County .



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